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HI, I'm Guy Magen

I'm a Full Stack Designer focusing on solving problems with digital experiences and building new products that improve the quality of life.

Mobile & web design
ux & research
motion & micro-interactions
branding & identity
mentoring with ❤️
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Mentoring and paying it forward to young and super talented designers in their awesome career that is ahead.

I worked with Guy for over a year at Puls. As the client-side team leader, we worked closely together and I can honestly say Guy is a true professional. His 'can-do' approach is amazing and really easy to work with. Guy has a great passion for design and making things look & feel better. In a short amount of time, he managed to make a huge impact on our products and users, both with new features and renovating older ones.
He always comes with a smile and is willing to find the best solution for all.
It was a pleasure to work together.
Vali Dvoyakin • Client Side Team Lead @ Puls
Guy is a rockstar and a super talented designer who is incredibly fun and easy to work with. I worked with Guy at PayK on the other side of the world and through an ultra high paced launch period. Guy can respond to a brief, or take the communication goal and come up with a solution. When things were extremely busy, we'd send work over to design, and in the morning, it would be done, to spec, and exactly what we wanted. His English is indistinguishable from fluent, and he's a great person to talk to. I would work with Guy again or recommend him to any employer looking for a product or graphic designer.
Jan Uwland • Head of Marketing @ PayK
Guy is a wonderful team player and a talented designer. He will go above and beyond in creating high-quality materials as so to create and support the brand/company goals. He has a unique UX/UI experience that he gained while working on B2B2C products at DAV.
Gilad Fisher • CMO @ DAV
Guy is by far the best art-director & designer that i ever worked with. He is precise, very detailed-oriented, talented, up-to-date, amazingly creative, team worker, hard worker and loyal.
Most definitely i will work with him in the future!
Ofir Paikin • CTO @ Fixefy
Guy is fun to work with and highly skilled in his UI and animation abilities, mobile and web.
Tamir Abramov • CTO @ Gini Apps LTD.
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