I’m a Digital Product Designer and Visual artist with a passion for digital design, branding and print.

I started my career as a designer over 10 years ago and decided to focus on the digital industry about 7 years ago. I worked as a product designer for various startups and companies in Israel and the UK, taking on a wide range of interesting projects and clients.

After working as a full-time designer for 7 years, I decided that it was time for me to take the next step and started working as a freelancer.

For the past few years I focused mainly on visual design, UX and prototyping, user friendly design in a team-focused, agile environment, collaborative management style – and designed solutions to help my clients boost their services, quality and helped take their business to the next level.

Currently Design Lead @PayK and mentoring young designers @StartupDesigners. Previously did Product Design and Art Direction for @Dav@Karhoo@Urbanr and few other small startups, and also some UI/UX with @BankHaPoalim@Xtrem.IO and @GiniApps

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My website is best viewed on desktop, but my responsive version is cool as well 😉

Some of my clients..

My portfolio.

Disclaimer - there are projects that due to NDA and other restrictions are not on my portfolio yet, but contact me and I will share with you whatever I can that isn't here 🤫

Ride it. Share it. Own It.



an open mobility platform that connects fleets and customers worldwide.


a marketplace for long-term re-location and rentals.


Finding friends over a meal.

A UX Course final project that is in progress and development. Social

Sharing experiences with your friends.

Complex System

For a client I can't reveal his name, but I altered the design in order to upload here.

A Twitter case study

It’s 2019, and we (still) can’t edit a tweet..?

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Branding, Identity and Marketing

Contact me and I will share with you some extra materials that I can't share here, yet.



You've Run , But Never Like This!

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