I’m a Digital Product Designer and Visual artist with a passion for digital design, branding and print.

I started my career as a designer over 10 years ago and decided to focus on the digital industry about 7 years ago. I worked as a product designer for various startups and companies in Israel and the UK, taking on a wide range of interesting projects and clients.

After working as a full-time designer for 7 years, I decided that it was time for me to take the next step and started working as a freelancer.

For the past few years I focused mainly on visual design, UX and prototyping, user friendly design in a team-focused, agile environment, collaborative management style – and designed solutions to help my clients boost their services, quality and helped take their business to the next level.

My toolkit.



Invision Studio




Final Cut Pro

After Effects



My website is best viewed on desktop, but my responsive version is cool as well 😉

Some of my clients..

My portfolio.


an open mobility platform that connects fleets and customers worldwide.


You've Run , But Never Like This!


a marketplace for multi-family apartment rentals.


Finding friends over a meal. Social

Sharing experiences with your friends.

Complex System

For a client I can't reveal his name, but I altered the design in order to upload here.

A Twitter case study

It’s 2019, and we (still) can’t edit a tweet..?

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Branding, Identity and Marketing


Disclaimer - there are projects that due to NDA and other restrictions are not on my portfolio yet, but contact me and I will share with you whatever I can that isn't here 🤫

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