bringing a micro-mobility sharing gig-economy solution to cities and communities đź›´

While working with DAV, I was involved in creating the company's brand identity and guidelines, and also worked on the website, mobile apps, and marketing materials. I collaborated with other team members to create engaging designs and animations, and helped with the company's social media outreach efforts.

THe problem

houston, we have a problem!

Urban congestion and lack of affordable transportation options in cities make it difficult for residents and tourists to navigate and explore the city. Traditional transportation options such as cars and buses are costly and contribute to traffic congestion.

the solution

and that's how it's done

DAV offers an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional transportation options by providing dockless scooters and bikes for short-term rentals. Customers can locate and unlock a vehicle using their smartphone, and pay for the trip based on distance traveled. This solution helps to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility in urban areas.

DAV offers a unique micro-mobility sharing economy solution where communities can build their own independent smart transportation hub and own their rides.

rider app

Right after the user downloads the app from the app store or google play store, he is going through a very brief signup/verification process

Next step is to see if there are any DAV-enabled vehicles such as
E-scooters, or E-bikes.

Once you've located a vehicle, you can start your ride by scanning the QR Code on the DAV module, or by typing the 4-digits PIN.

Finished the ride? enjoyed it? give us your feedback!

fleet manager app

as a fleet manager you have a dashboard within the app - it shows a quick summary of your total income, total rides with all of your vehicles, and the general status of all vehicles under your account

By tapping on each vehicle on the map - you can see the status of each vehicle - earnings, rides and overall status.

This is the extended view of each vehicle, here the fleet manager can see the exact location of each vehicle, read feedbacks (and the ratings) of each vehicle and toggle the status.

Each fleet manager could have a fleet of up to 100 vehicles, and manage alll of them straight from the app easily.

ride onboarding wireflow

The primary flow of the rider app, starting from downloading the app to concluding a ride and providing feedback, is illustrated in the following flow chart.

our competition

My product research involved examining the market for Micro-mobility companies, which provide rentals of electric scooters, bikes, and other small vehicles through a mobile app. Users can find and access the vehicles via their smartphones and pay for the trip based on distance. Examples of companies in this field include Bird, Lime, Jump, Wind, and Bolt, all of which have distinct characteristics and strategies. The industry is competitive and constantly changing, making it challenging to forecast which companies will prosper in the future.

and how dav fits in

DAV provides technology and apps to enable individuals or organizations to establish their own electric scooter sharing service. Its smart manager app and algorithms enable users to manage, operate, and generate revenue from their fleet. The business model is flexible and does not necessitate a physical location or staff and DAV emphasizes its support for local entrepreneurs and the local economy.

how does it works?

When using the DAV network to access vehicles in your city, you'll be able to quickly locate them thanks to the location pins displayed on the map. These pins indicate where the DAV network authorized vehicles are available for use. Once you've found the vehicle you'd like to use, you can easily unlock it through the app by scanning a QR code or entering a PIN code. This code can be found on the DAV IoT module, which is conveniently located on the vehicle. By using this simple process, you can quickly gain access to the DAV network's fleet of vehicles and enjoy seamless transportation within your city.

earn dav tokens for loyalty

The DAV app offers a loyalty program that rewards users with points for each ride they take. These reward points can be accumulated and redeemed for future features and gifts, encouraging users to continue using the service. In addition to traditional rewards, the DAV app has introduced a cryptocurrency token based on Ethereum specifically for loyalty rewards within its scooter-sharing service called DAV Token. This provides an additional incentive for users to remain loyal to the DAV network and enhances the overall user experience.

so what is this gig economy you talk about?

The gig economy refers to a labor market characterized by short-term contracts or freelance work, often facilitated by digital platforms. In the context of scooter rental, the gig economy may refer to the use of app-based platforms that allow individuals to rent out their own scooters on a short-term basis.

As a fleet manager you can mark up your vehicles that supports the DAV Network technology, so your e-Scooter, e-Bikes and pretty much any battery-powered (OR NOT!) mobilized vehicle that you own - you can connect to the network and start earn money on each ride.

BONUS: DAV Module installation guide

motion design & marketing assets

I've been working on motion design in the DAV app, including onboarding and micro-interactions.
Animations done with assistance of Daniel Goldfine in our team.