The cab comparison app, gives you the flexibility to choose and book your cab based on the features that matter most. Choose your cab by price, arrival time, vehicle style, or cab company. So whether you’re looking for a black taxi, minicab, or executive car, Karhoo has you covered.

Karhoo offers pre-booking and immediate pickup with transparent pricing and no surge, so no matter what time you travel, the price you book is the price you pay.


I Joined the company in the beginning of the re-branding process, and here are some of my contributions to this process.

One of my tasks was to implement the color palette in Karhoo's apps, website, marketing materials etc, so I created these circles as a pattern that goes throughout all of theses assets.

There are 5 gradients to use, each use extreme RGB values with the exception of the red/yellow wheel.

Red/Pink is our core colors for things like display headlines or icons and buttons.

It’s also a predominant color in our logo. the flat headline color is to be used when users can’t generate the gradient fill.

Mobile apps.

The Karhoo mobile apps were tailor-made for different markets in different cities in which the app was operated in - London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Web companion.

We also developed the Karhoo service as a web service, that enables the users to do exactly the same actions also from their desktop - for example - order your ride from A to B on your desktop, get notified with the progress of the order, and when the taxi arrives in your location, you can continue on your smartphone.

Prototypes and Animations.

Most of the times when creating a UI and delivering it to production, I had to demonstrate what I meant, so the developers will be able to replicate it in their code. here are some examples.

Karhoo inside Google Maps UK

One of my projects for Karhoo was an implementation of the Karhoo app inside the UI/UX of Google Maps in the UK - for desktop and mobile.

Karhoo Facebook bot

Another addition I worked on was a facebook bot - that let you order a ride no matter where you are - even if you don't have the app yet.

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