The space-savvy, low gravity, highly technological aerobic suspension trainer for optimal running & maximum fun.

Just like running outside, maintaining and improving your natural pace (and fitness level) while MoonRunning requires focus and coaching. In many multimedia running applications you can run with real people, but just like running outside its difficult to find someone who runs at your specific natural speed, which might vary itself.

MoonRun’s free app provides you and with a novel ‘ghost’ that runs at an optimal speed for you. Set the ghosts speed in advance and once you start the workout you will see it running by your side. Run faster and you will be ahead or run slower or you will be behind. You can adjust the ghost speed during the run itself, so the ghost always runs at the best speed for you. 


When starting to work on this project in QUAM, this startup used a different name - Nanorun, but used the same visual assets.

Mobile apps.

The Moonrun app was designed first for iOS, and then was converted to Android.

This app is available now in the Google Play and the Apple App Store

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