An easy way to collect money from anyone for anything.

As the Design Lead for PayK, I was responsible for overseeing all visual aspects of the company, including the app, website, and marketing materials. I worked closely with the development and marketing teams to ensure a consistent and user-friendly design. I enjoyed leading the design efforts at PayK and shaping the company's visual identity.

THe problem

Collecting money?

Collecting money from a group of people can be a challenge, especially when dealing with a large number of contributors. Traditional methods such as BSB and bank transfers can be confusing and time-consuming, often requiring multiple steps and communication between members. This can lead to delays and confusion, making it difficult for groups to collect the funds they need.

the solution

Group up, collect funds

PayK has created a solution that streamlines the money collection process for groups. With PayK, users can create a shared digital wallet and invite members from their contact list. The app then handles the rest, taking care of the entire money collection process. This eliminates the need for BSBs and bank transfers, making the process fast, easy and efficient.

PayK makes it simple, transparent, and effortless to collect money with anyone for anything.

When you join the app, you'll be presented with a few ideas for groups that you can use to collect money for - in app.

Create a new group and select the amount you want each member to pay, or make it dynamic!

Invite your friends to join your group, either by inviting directly from the app, or copy the link and paste it anywhere you want

You have the option to withdraw the funds and transfer them onto a personalized gift card. This card can be saved in your Google Wallet or Apple Pay, delivered to you via email as a barcode, or requested as a physical card.

app animations & micro-interactions

While I was working on the PayK app I introduced and created a large set of animations and micro-interactions in After Effects and Lottie, so the development team could implement them in the app. here are few examples.

Launching in australia

PayK was launched in Melbourne, Australia in September 2019, featuring a large social media campaign, with lots of assets that I worked on to support it.

Marketing assets


PayK users used the app for over 20K transactions


users joined payk

Our various campaigns brought in over 30K users in Australia



Our users collected over AU$100K all-in-all

competitive analysis

In Australia, there are several types of banking apps available, including Neo Banking apps like Douugh and Monzo, Digital banking apps like the National Bank of Australia, and apps that specialize in bill splitting, like Tricount.
There are also peer-to-peer apps like BeamIt. As part of my research, I conducted a competitive analysis of these types of apps.

the payk voucher store

Through the PayK app, the funds collected within your group can be turned into a gift card from over 100 trusted brands in Australia. Our gift card store offered a variety of options, including technology, day spas, and more, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

As an admin, you can purchase a gift card from your group balance, from the list of vendors in our voucher store, and instantly receive the gift card info within the app.

the payk app wireflow

A visual representation of the process a user goes through while using PayK, starting with onboarding and ending at the voucher store.

k. - the payk design system

Here are a few examples of assets from the app that were incorporated into a design system that I created from the start. This design system made the process of adding new features to the app much faster because we were able to reuse many already implemented elements.

the website

I designed and built the PayK website using Webflow, as well as additional landing pages for marketing purposes.
You can scroll the box below to see it :)

user testing irl

To ensure that PayK was user-friendly and efficient, we conducted user testing with a group of participants. The results of the testing were overwhelmingly positive, with participants finding the app easy to navigate and use, and the real-time tracking feature was particularly well-received.
The majority of participants also reported that they would use the app again in the future.

user engagement & marketing assets

During the development and operation of the PayK app, We launched a number of marketing campaigns in Australia to support and maintain the app's growth. Here are some examples of assets that were created for these campaigns, including social media posts, offline materials, videos, and more.