At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with all of the quarantines here in Israel, when there were no live shows, and pretty much all of the entertainment industry shut down (for almost 2 years) - the idea of Stayy was born - a platform that aggregates all of the live streams of tons of artists, yoga instructors, teachers and much more - in one location - your laptop or your smartphone!

Product Design
Branding & Identity

the stayy platform

The Stayy platform is essentially a place where all israeli creators could gain a broader audience for their creations easily, but just joining in, creating their own channel, and release their stream broadcasting to a massive library with other creators.

The first challenge we came across was how to make sure all creators can add their broadcast and channel to the Stayy library from all major stream platforms - Zoom, Facebook live and YouTube - and after trying out some ideas and iterations - in the wireframe below - you'll be able to see some of our considerations and ideas

branding & identity

For the branding and identity part of the project - I collaborated with Patricia Aroca.

We want the platform to be a link between artists and users, and we want to promote, for an easier communication and understanding of the product, the three pillars of content exchange that Stayy offers: we want Stayy to be the embassy of good music, good learning and good self-care. That's why we invented a new category language to match the company name. We took advantage of the name Stayy to launch three subcategories and better define our audience. The name of our logo is included in each of the claims.

color palette



The loader below was a part of

visual concept

This line bets on organic lines as differentiatingelements of the different content categories of theplatform.Integrated into the graphic style through playingwith with gradients, the intention is that the usercan quickly identify the content typology throughan easy, contemporary and fresh visual language.

Every shape represents the category on an iconic and organic way: sharing, movement, sound. The Stayyexperience represented through visual language.



As Stayy is based in Israel and directed for Israeli creators, we used both English and Hebrew fonts

Poppins - English


Heebo - עברית