A marketplace, Urbanr facilitates longterm apartment rentals.

Tenants love our fee-free card payments, and simplified rental process. Owners appreciate our expedited on-boarding, and top quality tenant pool. From catalyzing new tenancies, to managing mid-lease relationships, Urbanr perfectly streamlines the full rental experience for owners, managers and tenants alike.


Urbanr used 2 different logos for different purposes - I designed a logo that served the digital assets, and another variation for marketing purposes (brochures, roll-ups etc.)

Digital version

Print version




Web app.

Urbanr is a SAAS web app that has 2 sides - one for the tenant (end user) and a land-lord side (the one who rents his apartment (or apartments).

Through the land-lord side there can be full processes - from the initial upload of an asset to the app, to maintenance requests, signing contracts, talking and negotiating on the rent, and welcoming in new tenants to his apartments.

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