Create a home for fans and make them a part of something big. Bring them together to create a community based on their passion and provide them with a home, and while doing so, gain their devotion to the team and make it a symbol for their lifestyle.

VYOO provides a platform for fans to meet and make new friends who share the passion for your sport club. With VYOO they can keep in touch with people who share the same interest and enjoy similar events and activities.

Each event is tagged with the location, venue name and name as well as fans' names and/or customized tags created by them. This makes content easy for you to analyze and simpler for your community to search and interact with.

Search for events that are happening around the world in real-time and discover what drives fans. Search for a game, fan event, training session or any other event from everywhere, and manage the entire event remotely for the participants.

Get to know fans lifestyle better than anyone else and learn their habits like never before.

Gain new and invaluable insight into fans lifestyle and deliver them content and products that are tailor-made to their personalities using VYOO's marketing Eco-System.


The branding project for VYOO was the first step I did when we formed this venture.

Mobile apps.

We created VYOO initially as a stand-alone app, and in a later stage we converted it to a white-label based app.

As a white-label app we created versions for Sport5 Channel (Israeli biggest sports TV Channel), for Walla! (Isreali news portal) and MotoGP.



The VYOO Eco-System

Community and Business Intelligence Back-Office

Complete insights and analytics report system

VYOO Mobile apps

Tailor-made apps for Sport Team

Network Management system for your Social Community

A User-friendly content filtering desktop client

Tailored Targeted audiences ads Ads

inside your app, by specifications and insights from your users

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