DAV Foundation is a blockchain-based open source global transportation company that created DAV.city, a decentralized transportation network, which enables different kinds of transportation companies to join the network with their own micro-mobility fleet (E-bikes, E-scooters and more)
Web & Mobile product design
Animations & Micro-Interactions
Branding & Identity
Marketing & Social media assets
User Experience & Research
3D Modeling & Mockup
DAV (or Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) is bringing a micro-mobility sharing economy solution to cities and communities.Unlike any other scooter-sharing company, with DAV, communities can build and grow their own independent smart transportation hub and reap its rewards. It’s not just about taking a ride, it’s about owning it, too.
DAV is bringing a micro-mobility sharing economy solution to cities and communities 🛴

The DAV mobile apps

Rider App

Find a vehicle on the map

On top of the map there are scooters that the user can reach, reserve and activate on demand. by tapping on each scooter the user will be able to see his battery status and activity status.

Start a new ride

After the user scans a scooter with the in-app QR Code reader, the app identifies the scooter in order to start a new ride.

Earn loyalty points!

With every ride the user does, he earn reward points for his loyalty, in order to use them with future features and gifts.
Manager App

At any point, a bike or scooter shop owner can apply his vehicles to support and connect to the DAV Protocol network and place them on the app and start making money.
Inside his shop, the owner can hang the badge below on his DAV-Compatible scooters with the IoT module.

Manage your fleet

At a glimpse, the fleet owner can have a snapshot of his revenue LIVE!
In one tap, he can see the status of his entire fleet, maintenance calls, money earned, feedbacks and much more.

In-depth status of each vehicle

At a glimpse, the fleet owner can have a snapshot of his revenue LIVE!

By selecting a single vehicle from the list, the owner can get in-depth data on the selected vehicle, battery status, feeedbacks, LIVE location (if In ride), how much money the vehicle made, read feedbacks on the vehicle and switch to maintenance if needed.

Onboarding and walkthrough

While researching and working on both of the apps, we came up with the idea of creating this short onboarding video that would describe the app the best way.

This video was made in collaboration with Daniel Goldfine.

The DAV IoT device

All of this made possible with a 3D Printed IoT device that connects on the micro-mobility vehicle and connects to the battery of the scooter.
The 3D module is based on an existing casing that was modified by a custom design we made at DAV. Fleet owners across Europe received this module with a printed tutorial on how to install it on their scooters easily and quickly.

Marketing & Social Media assets

Here are some samples of various marketing materials created for the DAV apps and platforms.

Brandbook & Identity

The first stage of working at DAV was creating the brand guideliens and overall look and feel, So we created the assets below - a unique branding and identity language, that will be “light” and easy on the eye, so for that - I started researching and playing with ideas and keywords, you can see the 5 pillars and expressions we wanted to deliver.

The work on the brandbook was done in collaboration with Daan Van Der Zwaag, a team member of the DAV R&D team.