The cab comparison app, gives you the flexibility to choose and book your cab based on the features that matter most.
Web & Mobile product design
Marketing & Social media assets
Karhoo offers pre-booking and immediate pickup with transparent pricing and no surge, so no matter what time you travel, the price you book is the price you pay. ​Select and book exactly the type of cab you want from the most luxurious to the most economical, from black taxis to executive cars, all from firms you recognise and can trust. Enter your destination to sort by nearest or by cheapest and book it there and then.

The Karhoo app

From A to B 🚖

The first screen you meet within the Karhoo app gives you all of the options available - Your current location is already identified, so you just set your destination, select your preferred vehicle and ride, and off you go!

Pre-book your journey

You can pre-book your ride 45 minutes in advance, so you can keep your mind at ease, and continue with your schedule.

Booked your ride? It comes right away!

Follow your upcoming ride as it en route to pick you up from the Karhoo app or the desktop companion

Done with your ride?
here's the receipt!

Keep track on your expenses - all of your rides history is kept inside the app.

Animations & Prototyping

Few of the prototyping and flows I've been working on - this was a small part of the guide for the dev team in order to achieve pixel-perfect development of the Karhoo app.
Karhoo promo code
App splash
Pre-booking for later

The Web app companion

One of my major tasks in the company was working on the desktop (browser) version,

Karhoo + Google Maps
(a UK 🇬🇧 pilot)

While working on the mobile apps, we also worked on a MVP version of a web companion that will assist the productivity and time management, by not reaching his smartphone in order to book a ride, but through the browser.

A small taste out marketing assets

We worked on various campaigns and collaborations, so here are few of the marketing assets I made for it to work nicely!