a highly technological, portable, cardio trainer that brings you the most immersive total body workout you can get at home.
Web & Mobile product design
Branding & Identity
User Experience & Research
A new kind of IoT aerobic fitness trainer, positioned as a new indoor aerobic solution. MoonRun is a portable, exciting, healthy and affordable alternative to the cumbersome, monotonous and expensive treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles which currently dominate the indoor aerobic exercise ecosystem.

My main roles for this awesome project was initially working on research, wireframing and designing the app and its interfaces (mobile apps and smart TV interfaces), but it has been evolved to research and define the basic brand language and identity as well, while researching competitors, and defining the brand and overall visuals.


While researching for the branding and identity I’ve been looking into and using other competitor apps such as Strava, Nike+, Apple Activity app, Samsung Health and much more.

Using these apps focused me on the general look, that lead to some of the following
Evantually the company changed its name from Nanorun to Moonrun


Following the research of other competitors, while following the basic requirements from the company, I came up with a series of wireframes, ideas, and basic flows.

As the app is ultimately connected via bluetooth to a IoT device - that is the Moonrun Connect device - I had to define and break down the pairing flow as well.
From the stage of wireframing, I moved on to apply the design of the app following the brand design, and also iterating on some more ideas we had while working.

moonrun connect

One of the most innovative home workout solutions to come along in a long time. This portable system combines traditional resistance band training with the latest motion sensor and computer programming technology to provide engaging full-body workouts in cramped indoor spaces.

MoonRun fitness app is compatible with many HR sensors.
Learn and practice with our warmup, exercises and stretching video tutorials.
Follow your progress with our integrated statistics center, share workouts and manage your profile. Learn more about MoonRun's trainer compatible apps.
The Moonrun Connect works well with Zwift, Zwift Running, Arcade Fitness, Kinomap and Runsocial, and connects via Bluetooth to iOS, Android, PC and Mac!