Renting doesn't start when you move into a property, or end when you move out. Urbanr connects tenants and landlords to their urban environment, providing all the necessary tools to navigate through the rental process successfully.
Web & Mobile product design
Branding & Identity
User Experience & Research
Urbanr is an online community centered on renting. It includes renters, owners and brokers, and improves the speed and convenience of rental payments. UrbanR does this by enabling tenants to make their rent payments using their credit card. They also offer what they claim are the lowest credit card fees in the U.S.

My work with Urbanr was from A to Z - from brand language, identity, Product Design and wireframing for the SAAS, at some point there was a mobile app in the works, but eventually we sticked to a desktop based service.

Urbanr - Software as a Service

The service works to solve problems for both sides of the rental equation–the property owner and the tenant.
Property owner

The ability to accept credit cards means they don’t have to rely entirely on payment by check. This not only speeds up the rent collection process, but it also avoids the problem of bounced checks. In effect, the landlord is receiving the rent payment electronically, rather than by paper.

List of Properties

Inside the owners’ dashboard, the owner can scroll through properties he owns that are on the Urbanr platform.


Each property consists of tenant(s) and the staff - It can be the maintenance staff (of an apartment complex), security or co-owners of the apartments.


At any stage, the landlord (owner) and the tenant(s) can discuss on any matter regarding the property.
Through this platform and these chat sessions - landlords and potential tenants can discuss terms and regarding any stage of the apartment rental.

Inside the transaction center within Urbanr,  the landlord can follow the transactions from the tenant(s) - for his deposit, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rent and other payments regarding his rented apartment.

the tenants

the advantage of being able to make the rent payment by credit card. While this could be important during a time of tight finances, it can also provide certain benefits. For example, it could enable you to take advantage of rewards points, cash back and airline miles on a credit card. And if your landlord is in a remote location, it’s a way to get the rent payment in his or her hands before late fees kick-in.

Tenants can look inside properties around their desired location, look into the different amenities and the general features of each apartment, and also connect easily with the landlord, schedule a visit to desired apartment, make a call (when valid), and even submit their application.


Here’s a part of the brand identity, font selection and color palette that I made.